Are you ready for the NEXT in Smart Apps?
Future belongs to Intelligent Apps. AI and Machine Learning have changed the way Smart Apps are designed, developed, deployed and managed. We are ready with next generation of technologies that reduce your time to market, make your apps intelligent by default, and can be remotely managed. The next is here.


Are your apps and software intelligent?

Intelligence can mean different things to different people. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence picking up steam, conversational interfaces in vogue, and collaborative interfaces a norm, the time has come to rethink how we design and develop software and systems. At jinigram, we have worked for last few years perfecting a plug and play system for rapid design and development of native, web apps and even server side software. We are ready for the paradigm shift. Our technology can help you ride the wave with minimal investments and focus on your core value prop. While you get ready to take your products to the next era, we have the technology to back you up.