Hallmarks of Customer Experience Transformation


Design thinking and Customer Journey is at the core of customer-experience metamorphosis, yet other factors determine the success of the transformational process design. The process of continuous improvement and refinement is required to create and maintain a quality customer experience across channels. Companies that deliver a world-class customer experience exhibit a clear value-prop and have a good understanding of the customer mindset and their journeys through customer lifecycle.

After establishing an omnichannel customer engagement strategy, many successful companies devise innovative customer journeys to engage the customer via specific touch points, and they also tend to equip their contact center agents with digital tools. Maintaining quality requires regular governance and assessments using well defined KPIs linked to business goals. The lessons learned from the insights and performance measurements are used to improve the value-prop continually.

According to our experience and research, the six hallmarks of customer experience transformation are:

1. Define a clear customer-experience, value-prop, and purpose

2. Develop a deep understanding of customer mindset, and this will reflect in customer journeys that you create

3. Use behavioral psychology to manage customer expectations

4. Apply design thinking to innovate and improve workflows

5. Use customer journeys to empower frontline channels

6. Define clear KPIs for each customer journey and benchmark it against insights to continually improve the processes

At jinigram, we have designed a Smart CLM (Customer Lifecycle Management) solution keeping all the above factors in mind. We have a state-of-the-art AI enabled solution (for frontline automation), with adaptive user experience and plug-ins for deep integration into the enterprise. To learn more, reach out to us at engage@jinigram.com.

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