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We design, develop and deploy scalable systems and love to tap dance on the bleeding edge. 2017 was the year of transition, where many of our customers started showing interest in Blockchain use cases (eCommerce, Supply Chain, Insurance, Fintech and Legal) and worked with us to create simple POCs under monthly run rate models. 2018 is the breakout year, when many of these engagements have matured into full blown solutions backed by custom tokens and ICOs. We are in the middle of all this action. Our founders are authorities in Blockchain and regularly speak at global conferences evangelising and promoting decentralized apps and distributed ledgers.

We have a growing Blockchain Strategy and Consulting practice where we can:

1. Help you establish feasbility of your blockchain related use cases.

2. Work with you to train your business and technology teams on Blockchain.

3. Design and Develop Blockchain Systems.

4. Provide On-Shore and Off-Shore Blockchain Expertise.

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Whenever we help our customers with solutions using bleeding edge technologes, the first order of business is to apply design thinking to the business use case and conduct a feasibility study with functional and operational parameters in mind. Despite the promise, at times, Blockchain and decentralized ledger may not be the right solution for the use case. As Blockchain experts, it is our duty to help our customers navigate the maze. If blockchain is indeed the solution, then we have the toolkit to help our customers design robust Blockchain based systems; even DAOs. Who would have thought few years back, that we can have decentralized autonomous organisations?


As they say - "Good news travels fast, bad news travels faster". Quality Assurance is the function of avoiding bad news. Proactive Customer Feedback Loop is essential to manage quality and deliver robust systems. We use Web based tools, Scrum Processes, Feature Scrubs, Bug Triages and invite our customers to all of them. Our customers have 24/7 access to all support systems to ensure Quality deliverables. We prefer to work with our customers as partners in success, rather than vendors with timesheets.

We use:

1. Sketch, Photoshop and Invision for Design related deliverables.

2. Aha! for product roadmaps, strategy and feature scrubs.

3. Ethereum / Hyperledger toolchains for Blockchain Development.

4. IPFS / MongoDB for On-Chain / Off-Chain Storage.

5. Proprietary or Third Party Tools for KYC / AML Compliance.

6. Latest frameworks / Web Stack for Adaptive / Responsive Web.

7. golang / Python / Java / Javascript for (off-chain) server side.

8. AI enabled BPO for End to end Solution Governance.

9. Industry leaders on panel: Token design and economics support.

10. Proprietary Blockchan Component factory (memory light nodes).


Rapid Application Development is the name of the game. We have quality tested components that allow us to create plug and play architecture for your apps. We have an extensive library of utility components that speed up design and development of systems. This allows us to reduce time to market for our customers.


Most startups have to be careful of their burn rates and have to optimize on resource spend. We help our customers do just that. We have presence in Silicon Valley (HQ), Europe, and India.


We have helped numerous Fortune 500 companies with UX driven consumer apps, and robust enterprise solutions alike. We understand the journey from a wireframe to MVP to a product market fit.


We can design and develop your apps at cost, and take TOKENS as profits. We will share the risks and rewards that come with it as true partners in success.

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